Titles Available for Purchase

  • RED SKIN (2020)
    9 videos  |  Rent $3.99

    RED SKIN (2020)

    9 videos  |  Rent $3.99

    A sexy psychological love story following the turbulence of two souls addicted to toxicity and each other.

  • Between Blunts & Love Songs (2020)

    1 video  |  Rent $3.99

    Manhattan-based indie singer/songwriter Tony Parker navigates a quietly turbulent artist lifestyle through the emotional haze of indifference, solitude and intoxication to fend off feelings of loneliness, inadequacy and ultimately a longing for an enchanted love.

    Starring: Tony Forrestt, Bry'Nt

  • Bry'Nt Wants It All: A Docu-Series (2020)

    3 videos  |  Rent $3.99

    A glimpse inside the life and artistry of rapper/model/actor/songwriting sensation Bry'Nt as he embarks on the most important year of his career.

  • Ghosts of Fort Greene | Season 1 (2020)

    10 videos  |  Rent $2.99

    Hop and his mosaic of seedy friends and associates are haunted by emotional baggage, dark secrets and shady pasts as they try to survive on the streets of Brooklyn.

    Starring Bry'Nt, Anthony Goss, Juan Collado, Joshua Spencer Boone, Summer Minerva, Ronda Swindell
    Created and Directed by Lamont...