Dead Men Don't Sing (2020)

Dead Men Don't Sing (2020)

1 Episode

Hendrix Robinson known to his fans worldwide as “Hendrix”, a scandal-prone platinum-selling rapper who battles a “lean” addiction and crippling anxiety attacks amid paranoia about a conspiracy by music industry execs to take his life and steal his music catalogue worth millions.

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Dead Men Don't Sing (2020)
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    Episode 1

    A destructive and scandal-prone rapper tries to make it through his most challenging year ever.

    starring Gary Lavard, Nerlyn Jean, Brandy Grant, Marco Majors, Darrell Abernathy, Alexis Branch, Beliria Sims, Nyjo Brennen, Josiah Schreiber, Cairo Monsoun, Ricardo Dewayne, Darrell Williams.

    story ...