RSVP for 'An Evening w/ Arthouse' in NYC!

RSVP for 'An Evening w/ Arthouse' in NYC!

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RSVP for 'An Evening w/ Arthouse' in NYC!
  • Episode 1

  • Ghosts of Fort Greene | Episode 1

    Hop and Skip are best friends since middle school in this story about friendship and secrets. After witnessing a murder in their neighborhood and each haunted by their own personal baggage, dark secrets are revealed as they come to view the other with new eyes as they try to survive -- together ...

  • Episode 1: Miami

    'A Beautiful Cruel Thing' is the story of CHAD and MYRON who have left their friends behind in Atlanta and relocated to Miami to live out their lives together though they soon realize that is not going to be easy. After Chad gets hustled out of his late father's inheritance, he and Myron get som...

  • RED SKIN • Season 2 • Episode 1

    Duke, 44, is a failed jazz musician turned social worker who met and subsequently became involved with Cassius, 28, who is an aspiring actor. Will their turbulent relationship survive the extremities of their opposing motivations, aspirations and emotional thresholds? Or will they tragically (an...

  • MILES + CAL | Season 1 | Episode 101